That First New Home

 Seven days of traveling in the wilderness had taken its toll on both of us.  Exhausted and in need of rest, we had hoped to be able to move right into the appartment above the shop that my husband had built many years before.

In making preparations for our return trip to Oregon hubby had sent an eviction notice to the renter.  We thought that 3 months was adequate notice and were rather surprised upon our arrival to find him still living there and not even packed.

My new sister in law welcomed us with open arms and we thought we’d stay with her for a couple of weeks, giving the recalcitrant renter that much time to vacate.  Sis was sooo glad to see us that she was even giggling.   I asked her what made her so happy.  She replied, “Oh it’s just that we are all so thrilled that my brother finally found someone who could toller…. um I mean who loves him!” 

The next day hub went over to nudge the squatter out of our home.  One week went by with no progress.  As my belly grew so did my temper.  Hub was getting kind of desperate but as another week went by even he grew impatient.  We both went over to my new nest.  Walking up the stairs and into the apartment above my husbands shop, we saw just a few signs that he was beginning to get the idea.  Since he hadn’t been paying any rent, just watching the place my man told me  that what ever I wanted to do was fine with him.

I’m not sure what he had in mind that we should do but I took him literally.  Methodically and with a resolve that made my man step back and stay out of the way, I began throwing this persons things out the window. Piece by piece every thing went out.  Hub looked out the other 2nd story window and said, “I don’t think he’s going to want that dresser back, it’s in too many pieces.”  I just looked at him with all of my pregnant self.

He said, “Never mind, I think I’ll just leave you here and I’ll take our daughter out for some grocery shopping.”  They stealthely crept away as I continued on my rampage.  Dusting my hands off I looked around at my new nest.    I made the beds in this one bedroom apartment.  I would clean the rest tomorrow.  My man had plans to build our mansion later but for now this would do.  I went to use the rest room and  realized that one key item was missing.  Where was the toilet?  There was no toilet!

Hub came back later as I was trying to decide weather I should just go in the tub or not. “Where is the toilet?” I asked while dancing back and forth on each foot.  “Oh! Sorry! I forgot to mention that we have an outhouse.”   “A what?” I asked.   I had used something similar in the Army on field maneuvers so I wasn’t at a total loss but I was still somewhat taken aback.  I didn’t know there were any places that still allowed those.

We went outdoors for a tour of the privy.  He began with, “Now let me show you about…” I pushed him aside and bounded up to the outhouse and slammed the door shut.  “I think I can figure it out!” I yelled through the wooden slat door with the traditional crescent moon cut into it.  Later after having learned about lime and its uses and what never to put down that hole, etc. I began to make plans to decorate that little building out back.

This wasn’t going to be so bad after all.  I just had to turn my mans bachelor pad into a family home.   Time would tell.


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