Now where was I? Oh yes! The wedding story.  This is not a piece of fiction.  There we were, pink dress, silver heels, and butterscotch corduroy suit. 

The day prior to the wedding my future sister in-law took me on a marathon shopping tour all over Anchorage Alaska.  That morning I  had a fever and slight cough.  I had also missed two nights sleep due to anticipation. As she dragged me all over town, to get this and that for the cheap…I mean financially downsized wedding, I could feel myself beginning to succumb to illness. NO! Not the day before my wedding! I bought cough drops, vitamin C,  herbs, and a medicine man rattle just for good measure.  I pressed on through the misery, confident in the knowledge that I was about to make a fine catch.  I mean acquire an excellent partner for life.  

Glowing with that well known bride to be radiance, or too much robotussin I ‘m  not certain which, I walked as cautiously as a woman who had  worn Army boots would be able to in high heels. Grace is not my middle name.  Nearly spraining an ankle I waited at the alter with my beloved and prayed not to cough during the ceremony.  The tickle was welling up in my throat like a volcano ready to erupt. This was bringing tears to my eyes which most of the folks there delighted to see, smiling as they knew for certain they  were tears of joy!  My future husband kept looking at me in a puzzled manner.  I smiled and pretended to clear my throat trying to scratch that horrible itch with out actually coughing. I prayed I wouldn’t open my mouth to say those magical words, “I do” and just prior to saying them erupt with one of those horrible coughing spasms that had been seizing hold of me the night before.

The pastor was late and I was beginning to sweat from fever. Again those in the room smiled thinking I was just a nervous bride. The other future sister in-law let out some words under her breath that were not normally heard at weddings. Looking over, she was banging on her camera and looking rather panicked. Not a good omen.  My then 5 year old daughter, was busy arguing with her slightly older and soon to be cousin over weather they actually had to hold hands walking down the isle. He said no because she was the flower girl and he was the ring bearer. She said yes because they were both all dressed up. He said he could fix that and a mild scuffle ensued.

 Once the issue was settled the pastor finally walked in and began the ceremony. (Please don’t let me cough I prayed silently.) The rest of the service wore on and I only cleared my throat a few times. Afterward I escaped to the powder room and threw a hacking fit. Hubby taps lightly on the door asking if I am ok.  Staggering into his arms I declare that I think I am coming down with something. 

 Just the words that a celibate and new husband wants to hear from his bride before their wedding night.  I bet you can’t wait to find out what happened. Tune in tomorrow.



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