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                          TRUMP YEARS VS REAL PEOPLE YEARS

         Mr. and Mrs. Trump have now made it one whole year! Yayyyy!

Ratah taa tatah taaa taaaa taaaa ta taaaah tah! So what you say?

Big hairy deal! One whole year. Now wait, wait, wait! You’ve

got to understand the time lines involved here.

        It’s just like dog years versus human years. Wealthy celebrity

types pay a heavy metabolic price, (this is real science here) for

having to cope with all that fame money and notoriety. They

are actually living the equivalent of 7 years for every one of ours.

We in our sheltered little, unknown lives, have no idea of the

terrible cost these people must endure due to their high society

ways. Just look at all the pomp and circumstance, the glory,

money and adulation! It stresses me out to just think about it.

What a awful burden dealing with all of that!

         Compare their wedding and first year of life to mine and my

husbands. None of the stress involved with dealings of high

finance. We started our marriage on a shoe string. Actually it

was more like a piece of dental floss. Used. All we

had to worry about was how to invest the $300 that had been

given to us on the money tree at our wedding. The rent due

on our first home was $375. Problem solved! And the wedding

itself was a masterpiece of low finance!

           First came the dress. My best friend helped me by actually

purchasing my little pink beauty on sale at Montgomery Wards.

What to do about shoes and being broke? I had a pair of silver high

heels that would go nicely. One problem, my fiancee was 5’4″ and I

was 5’5″. Four inch heels made us look rather like Napoleon and Josephine.

We decided he would just have to stick his hand inside his coat..

His suit was taken out of moth balls. It was a corduroy affair, butter

scotch in color. He knew that purchasing rather than renting

his High School prom suit 18 years prior, would end up

being a wise economical choice. After all, a handsome debonair man

who can still fit into his high school prom suit so many years later was

bound to be a wise choice for a mate. A thrifty and frugal provider as it were.

           When financial choices are limited, as are frugal mates, there

is soooo much less stress. And with less stress you live longer!

See how much less rapidly you age! I so don’t envy the

Trumps! Tune in tomorrow to find out how this Cinderella Type

tale ends.


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