Hillary wants to run for president and says that she

wants to chat with us. To talk our way out of this war

I guess. I think I’ll send her in to negotiate with the

terrorists and maybe she can make some headway. But

she’ll probably end up just losing her head.

Well I think I’ll decline that conversation. I never have

trusted her and I certainly wouldn’t want to talk to her

about anything going on in my life. The last time

I was required to talk to anybody I ended up getting

married and having 7 kids. I was living

in Anchorage Alaska at the time. I needed to maintain 12

credit hours to keep my funding going. I looked through

the schedule and the only class available was an American

Sign Language Class. In that class our instructor assigned

us the task of introducing ourselves to the very next deaf

person we saw in the community. I boarded the local public

transit system and looked for any deaf person. Scanning

the crowd I saw a man sitting alone and apparently signing

to himself. “Oh GREAT”, I thought. The first person I

meet is talking to himself. Ahh but the assignment came

first and I walked over as best I could in the swaying bus

and introduced myself. But I couldn’t understand him.

His signs didn’t look right. After about 20 minutes of

communication attempts I grew suspicious. Using my

voice I asked, “Are you deaf?!” Smiling broadly he

replied, “Nope, just practicing.” He had been using a

form of signed English, while I was using ASL.

Kind of like a New Yorker trying to talk with a deep woods

woman from Georgia. Definitely a communication barrier.

And that was how we met. I ended up marrying this amusing

fellow 23 years ago and fortunately this required communique

ended up on a positive note. But I don’t think terrorists

will be so friendly and I don’t think I’d trust them if I

was Hillary. They have never been happy with us and

I’m certain they’d all be willing to talk right up till those

blades were done being sharpened.



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