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I will never understand my perpetual failure to learn from past experience. It is a human thing I think, and not related to gender. I have observed that most children will repeat an unpleasant event several times before deciding it to be not worth the effort. That applies to adults as well.
On sunny and rare, (by virtue of their being in Oregon) days, I try to be prepared for landscaping tasks. Our very ancient but running Alice Chalmers tracter affectionately named Orangey by our family, has a very delicate constitution. My husband must constantly wou her with gifts of extra hydrolic fluid, and filters of various types. He is understandably protective towards her and tends to go on and on about her proper use. This day, as I was preparing to seize the sun, and go forth hacking and rolling over the blackberry vines, said husband stopped me for one of those interminable lectures that only he is capable of delivering. As he droned on about checking fluid levels, staying in low gear, (did he think my middle name was Mario for crying out loud?), and always to walk the trail because you never know what the winter rains have, blah, blah, blah, my brain was chewing holes inside itself trying to find some way to escape the lecture I had endured every spring for the 19 years we had been married. At last! He had become distracted by the need to go lec.., I mean instruct one of the kidletts on the proper use of a hand saw and I was able to escape! Orangey and I slowly circled our way down the over grown trail ducking barbed blackberry vine tentacles running amuck, as I prepared myself mentally for an entire glorius sun filled day of cultivating the south 40. Actually it’s only 8 acres, not forty but after 3 hours it feels like forty! I was soooo pleased with myself. I had inched along carefully and though I had only walked three quarters of the trail, everything had gone well thusfar, and hey, what were the odds that anything bad had happened to the remaining quarter of the trail? I was feeling quite smug and indignant about my husbands attitude and of course his, “tone of voice”. (We’ve had many tone of voice, “discussions”, when out of nowhere an uncharted and obviously newly formed canyon appears on the horrizon! Find out tommorrow what happens in this amazing, true and unaltered, (really!) account of, “The Alice Chalmers Caper”.


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